Ceramic Coatings

THe best Ceramic Coatings to keep your car protected

Introduction to ceramic Coatings

Manufactured formulations by Nanopro®, provide state of the art protection for Automotive, Marine, Aviation & Residential purposes.

Engineered with ultimate precision and quality, NanoPro® presents to you: BOROPHENE® our top of the line automotive ceramic coating.100% safe and non-toxic for the environment.

Ceramic Description

Nano Pro Borophene

Nano Pro's Borophene Ultimate is the industry's first permanent ceramic coating at just 1 layer of application. Borophene will give your automotive surface (clear coat) an amazing shine that will remain on your vehicle's surface.

• 3000 Degree Celsius Heat Resistance Tolerance
• Structured with Pyrex and BoroSilicate Quartz (2 of the finest heat resistant and hardness dynamics in the industry)
• 30% Gloss Index
• 10 Year Warranty
• Registered with Carfax

Nano Pro
Nano Pro

Best Ceramic Coating for Wheels

NanoPro Wheel &Caliper Ceramic Coating is the best ceramic wheel coating. It is a great way to protect the vehicle’s wheel’s interior metallic and chrome regions from road chips and brake dust. In addition, this enhanced formula is shatterproof and highly durable. Has a stronger film thickness for protection against road chips.

- Highly protects inner chrome
- It gives protection to the metallic wheel portion
- Shatterproof and extremely durable
- Saves from road chips and brake dust

Nanoflex™ Plastic Trim and RubberCeramic Coating 

NanoPro “flex” plastic and rubber ceramic coating give you the best plastic protection for car coating. In addition, it is the perfect choice for tires as the plasticizers replace the corroded polymers in the rubber, thus restoring the original black look to your vehicle’s wheel. This also comes with a 20-month warranty.

- A semi-permanent ceramic coating formulation
- It comes with a Sio2stretch-ability
- Ideal for plastic and rubber
- It leaves a long term hydrophobic effect

Nano Pro


Our work is in the details. We turn worn down, scratched up vehicles into beautiful, enduring treasures. We protect newer vehicles in its pristine form so that its value holds for time and terrains to come. With us, not only will your vehicle achieve the ultimate shine and glossy look, It will also get dirty at a much slower rate resulting in you having to wash your vehicle less frequently. Your car will feel slick and collect much less dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. It will prevent your paint from oxidizing, reduce brake dust from adhering to the rims, and our glass coating will provide enhanced visibility and allow your windshield to shed water easily during a rainstorm.

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